About Us


The Chue Foundation was formed in year 2000 by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. The Chue Foundation acts both as a professional body and as a centre of excellence for its qualified and registered consultants. The management team of the Chue Foundation is run on a volunteer basis. Our 200 members are situated throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The Chue Foundation, being a non-profitable organisation, is set up to ensure continued research and cooperation amongst the members.

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah is himself, one of the top five Imperial Feng Shui Masters in the world. He uses and teaches a wide range of completely authentic methods, as practiced by the greatest Feng Shui Masters from the Imperial Palaces of ancient China. Grand Master Chan Kun Wah is sharing his legacy with his students through continued research and teaching of ever more specialised tools, techniques and theory within Feng Shui and other topics.

The members of the Chue Foundation have all completed the three-year syllabus of Chue Style Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes and passed their exams. This professional qualification grants them the right to practice as Chue Style consultants. Every effort is made to ensure that the highest standards of ethics and quality of work are maintained, which is expected from those practicing Chue Style Feng Shui. The Chue Foundation also focuses on maintaining educational standards and setting high examination standards for prospective graduates.

The core benefits for all our members is having access to ongoing research and debate, as well as sharing the results of their fieldwork or research with their colleagues. For every area of advanced study, there exists a group of researchers and specialists chosen by Grand Master Chan that dedicate themselves to the ongoing practical development of their skills. The Chue Foundation is the only organisation in the world that has such a strong bias towards Feng Shui research and development.