Grand Master Chan


Master Chan Kun Wah grew up in the New Territories of Hong Kong. At 12-year old, he met his Master, Grand Master Chue Yen. He followed him through the mountains in Hong Kong for two years, learning only yin and yang, from observing the natural environment. Besides understanding the energy, both Grand Master Chue Yen and his best friend called Uncle Kin spent a lot of time on Master Chan's literacy development.

As a late teenager, he had grown to understand many different disciplines of Feng Shui, mainly from first-hand experiences and adventures with his Master. He had spent Besides Feng Shui knowledge, Grand Master Chue Yen and his best friend, uncle Kin.

Master Chan moved overseas to the West in 1967, at the express wishes of his Master. He got married in the United Kingdom. Master Chan diligently practiced and improved his Feng Shui, while bringing up two girls and working as a restaurateur. At fifty years old, he opened the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes in Edinburgh.

Master Chan began teaching the two-year Vocational training course, which now extended to a 3-year intensive Professional training programme. The curriculum developed and he taught advanced courses to his post-graduate students. The school trained Chue Style Feng Shui teachers and culminated in offering ‘Masters’ examinations. In 2006, after four of his direct students passed their ‘Masters' Examination, Master Chan was promoted as "Grand Master". Following the Chue lineage, his new title being Grand Master Chue Yan Chan Kun Wah. Chue Yan 隨恩 means "follow the reason".

Grand Master Chan is a gentle man who looks very youthful for his age! He is tall, softly spoken and humble in his manners. He lives and breathes his work and takes the responsibility of his work very much to heart.

In 2006 he published his first book "Chue Yik the 64 Hexagrams 隨易 - 六十四卦解說篇". He has since written three more books, namely "Follow The Heart Spiritual Calculation 隨心神數" in 2013, the unique "10,000 year calendar for the Southern Hemisphere 南半球萬年曆" in 2015, and "The Chue Style 10,000 year calendar for the Northern Hemisphere 隨派北半球萬年曆" in 2019. He is a true scholar. This Chue Style Feng Shui information will be his legacy.

Grand Master Chan had announced his retirement in year 2021. He has more time to continue his research on the different aspects of the Feng Shui and Astrology field. He wishes to share and pass on his knowledge to his Chue Style Feng Shui family for future generations to enjoy, research and develop.

It is his vision that the Chue Foundation continues its strong presence in its field, and is respected as the foremost organisation formed by researchers, practitioners, teachers and students of the highest standard.