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Chue Style Feng Shui ResearchAt the Chue Foundation, research is at the heart of everything that we do. Our research serves as living proof of the effectiveness of Chue Style Feng Shui. We are working with methods and formulas that are thousands of years old and yet are just as applicable to our modern day society.

All the research carried out within the Chue Foundation is based on the work and teachings of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. Research has been a lifelong passion for our Grand Master and he continues his personal and ancient text translation research to this day. The fruits of his research results in the teaching of many courses that pass this knowledge on to his students. Also, the creation of unique and accurate artefacts such as the Chue Style Lo Pan (compass), the Southern Hemisphere 10,000 year calendar and further publications related to the 64 Hexagrams and I Ching. His research has also resulted in profound knowledge within some specialist areas such as Mo Gik (Feng Shui for Gay people), Lap Yum horoscopes, southern hemisphere horoscopes, the global fate periods, Face Reading, Qigong and a profound depth of knowledge around the I Ching and Yin Feng Shui.

Our research is multi-layered. At one level we record the results with reference to the human experience. At another level we record the scientific representation of results. Our research aims to be structured, planned and documented, via our document library and quarterly newsletter. We have a research strategy in place for our members to follow.