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Membership Application

It is the desire of our founder, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah to create a foundation where members join together to help each other and conduct collective research to strengthen understanding of the knowledge he has passed on. It is also his vision to raise awareness of Chue Feng Shui within the general public and to help them to the potential  power and effectiveness of the Chue style.

By joining the foundation one can make contact and network with like-minded people, share problems and experiences and to be actively involved in research.  The more energy or ‘chi’ we invest collectively within the foundation the greater the potential benefits for all concerned.

Some of the main benefits to members include:

  • Support from the Grand Master
  • Access to Grand Master Chan’s Graduate courses and Master classes
  • Regular organised meetings throughout Europe
  • Regular published seasonal newsletters
  • Mentoring from more experienced colleagues
  • Eligibility for your Masters Degree within the Foundation
  • Endorsed listing via the Chue Foundation website
  • Eligibility to use the Chue Foundation name and Chue Style Logo
  • Eligibility to attend complimentary Summer/Autumn Camps
  • Access to the various research products within the Foundation
  • Discounted purchase of Foundation materials and tools


To become a member of The Chue Foundation you are required to produce a Certificate of Practice (Module A, B and C). To achieve these qualifications, accredited courses must be undertaken and passed and the process may take between 2 – 3 years depending on course availability. Having successfully completed the training modules, scanned copies of certification together with notification of which country you wish to be a member should be submitted to the membership secretary. Once payment has been received, this triggers membership and full access to the benefits mentioned above.

At the time of writing, membership fees are £180.00 for the first year and then £128.00 for existing members for subsequent years. The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.

(£90.00 will apply to those who qualify between 1st October and 31st March.)

To start receiving the member’s benefits, please apply for membership by filling in the form below

I look forward to receiving your completed form and welcoming you as a member of The Chue Foundation.

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