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Every property is unique. As Feng Shui consultants, it’s our job to find the right solution to align the energies of the property to support the people who live or work there. Our aim is to attract positive energy to improve our clients’ lives.

All of our consultations are carried out on-site, as it is essential to analyse every detail of the external environment, as well as looking at the interior of the property.

You will find working with a professional Feng Shui consultant from the Chue Foundation is a valuable experience. All of our consultants have passed a vigorous examination after years of training. They also continue to develop their skills with ongoing courses with Grand Master Chan.

Our services cover small apartments, semi-detached, detached properties, luxury mansions, public buildings and commercial businesses, as well as government premises and urban planning designs.

What to expect (when choosing an Imperial Feng Shui consultant)

You will need to provide details of your property prior to an on-site visit.
To assist with the consultation, you will be asked to provide a floor plan of your property and the dates of birth for all the occupants.
A consultation can last around three hours or longer depending on the size of the property. Your consultant will ascertain your wishes and concerns. The readings of your property will be taken and evaluated using a selection of Chue Style methods, including an assessment of its physical form and its position in relation to the surroundings. These crucial measurements will be taken using the Chinese Compass. Your consultant will then generate a number of charts that will show the various strengths and weaknesses of your property. These charts will indicate the energetic influences on the property’s occupants. With the interpretation complete, you will then be given the recommendations that will create the outcome you are seeking.
You will be advised to make specific changes to your property, either inside or outside. These recommendations are usually simple, inexpensive and straight forward to implement.
Finally, your Feng Shui consultant will provide a report with the discussed recommendations.


A fee will be agreed with the consultant prior to the appointment and this is due at the end of the consultation.
Consultants, as members of the Chue Foundation, are all bound by a strict code of ethics.

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