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General Courses

Each Chue Style course carries with it a guarantee of authenticity to the pure Chue Imperial Lineage, with many of its subjects not being available elsewhere.  All courses have a recommended number of teaching hours and stipulated teaching material. The price of each course is set by the School Advisory Board of the Chue Foundation, who also ensures that correct teaching procedures are maintained.

Upon the completion of each course, students will receive a Chue Style Certificate of Attendance.

The journey into the Chue Style knowledge system starts with the essential 2 day course, which is called the Module A – Foundation in Chue Style Feng Shui. This enlightening course is the gateway into all other Chue Style disciplines and courses, regardless of whether the student has previous Feng Shui knowledge from other sources. This course must be completed before doing any other Chue Style course.

General Courses

      • Feng Shui for All 1 ©
        This short course ‘Feng Shui for All 1’ is taught in approximately 4 to 6 days to anyone, who has completed Module A – Foundation in Feng Shui. No other knowledge of Feng Shui is required. At the end of the Feng Shui for All short course a beginner will be able understand how simple Feng Shui relating to missing areas within forms of buildings and plots can affect a property, which in turn affect people’s life. It also explains the best placement for doors, windows and furniture within each room using the powerful Sang Sit Method, unique to Chue Style Feng Shui. This course is an essential tool not only for Feng Shui consultants but for any professional in a property-service related field.Module A is required to attend this course.
        Duration: 4-6 days
        Taught by certified teachers in `Feng Shui for All’
        I Ching Dice Prediction for All – part 1 ©
        Grand Master Chan Kun Wah specifically created this simple yet powerful method of prediction after years of research and practice.  Instead of throwing three coins, this method involves asking a question and throwing three dice. These dice then create a hexagram and resulting trigrams that can be interpreted by the Chue Style I Ching Dice consultant. The subjects range from questions on health, weather, house Feng Shui, marriage, relationships, child birth and gender, examinations and promotions, finances, travelling, lost items, lawsuits and coming year fates.
        No previous knowledge of I Ching is required.Module A is required to attend this course.
        Duration: 4-6 days
        Taught by certified teachers in I Ching Dice Prediction for All –part 1

        I Ching Dice Prediction for All – part 2 ©
        This short course is a continuation of the I-Ching Dice for Prediction – Part 1, which was a basic introduction to reading simple information from the trigrams on subjects range from questions on health, weather, house Feng Shui, marriage, relationships, child birth and gender, examinations and promotions, finances, travelling, lost items, lawsuits and coming year fates. The I-Ching Dice for Prediction-Part 2, reveals much more information inside each trigram throw as it goes deeper into the interpretations and the meanings. It includes many examples on different life aspirations.I Ching Dice Prediction part 1 is required to attend this course
        Duration: 4-6 days
        Taught by certified teachers in I Ching Dice Prediction for All –part 2
        Face Reading part 1 ©
        Chue Style Face Reading is a means of determining the health, character, relationships and luck of an individual. This 3-day course is open to All, no previous knowledge is required. During the course, the attendee will study the Five elements of the different features of the face, the differences between “colour” and Chi reflected on the face as the shades of “colour” can indicate the health aspect of the various internal organs. You will learn to map facial areas, with the aid of the 12 Palaces and identify different shapes of eyes, eyebrows and lips which define aspects of heath, wealth, partner and property, etc. Charting the “age map” is also another tool used that details yearly influences according to the conditions of specific areas of the face.All this information helps to build a picture of the individual’s life history, present situation and can predict important events, personality traits and aspects in the person’s future.Module A is recommended but not necessary for attending this course.
        Duration: 3 day
        Taught by certified Chue Style Face Reading teachers
        Body Reading part 1 ©
        This course is a real must for all who are fascinated by people’s body language. There are many new aspects of the body, its movements and their meanings which will be explored and explained. During this 3-day course, the student will study the meaning behind the many ways individuals walk and the sound they make when they talk amongst other externalization signs of their internal chi. Analyzing the body gives us a greater understanding of aspects of health, balance life, character and aptitudes. It will help us to be more insightful when finding out what people may be thinking but not saying!Module A is necessary to attend this course.
        Duration: 3 days
        Taught by certified Chue Style Body Reading teachers.

        Chinese Horoscopes for All ©
        This short 3-day course gives interesting characteristics and traits about the 60-year cycle of the different animals of the zodiac found in the year pillar. It is a great course to add informational details for each animal which can complement a horoscope chart.

        Module A is recommended to attend this course
        Duration: 3 days
        Taught by registered Chinese Astrology teachers

        Nutrition According to your Ba Zi for All ©
        Master Class
        Grand Master Chan has many years of experience as an oriental Chef. He has composed this food-related course to bring his vast knowledge on healthy eating to his students. This 4-day ‘Short Course’ will give the student guidelines on how to select healthy and balanced nutrients for each person according to their particular ‘form’, Ba Zi and energy. It will also guide us through healthy foods combinations according to the Five Elements. If you have ever wondered what dietary needs suit you, then this is an excellent course for to gain the maximum health with the right nutrition for your body type. It is also an excellent course to help clients with their wellbeing. Students will find it very helpful, if they know prior to attending the course, what are the supportive and unsupportive elements from the Ba Zi Chart. Please note that Ba Zi charts will not be analysed in class for their supportive elements.
        Module A is necessary to attend this course. It is not necessary to have Ba Zi horoscope knowledge
        Duration: 4 days
        Taught by Grand Master Chan

        Foundation in Ba Zi (Pure Ba Zi) ©
        Ba Zi is an ancient and accurate system of Chinese Astrology, which literally, means “Eight Characters” in Chinese. It is also called “Four Pillars of Destiny”. The four components within the moment of the year, month, day, and hour of a person’s birth detail their life and fate. The Ba Zi analyst can make appropriate recommendations to help people to choose supportive careers or start a business, modify inappropriate behaviour, suggest successful periods to invest, marry and have a family.

        Pure Ba Zi is a foundation course in Ba Zi that is the stepping stone into the Chue Style Ba Zi series. It concentrates on teaching the student how to open a complete Four Pillar Chinese Horoscope along with the Life House Pillar and full Destiny Pillars. To open a 4-Pillar Horoscope, the student must use the 10,000 Year Calendar with the Chinese characters for the stems and branches. This will include, stems and branches, the 60 Year Cycle, the strength of the pillars, the Day Master and its inter-relationships with the other elements in the chart, the 24 Terms of Chi, the 12 Palaces, Hidden Stems, fate year calculations and much more.

        Module A plus 2-days preparation (equivalent to part of Module B) are required to attend this course. Pure Ba Zi is equivalent to Section A of Module C.
        Duration: 4-6 days
        Taught by Module C Certified Teachers and Assistant Module C Teachers (sometimes called Approved)

        With this course you may go on to study Ba Zi 1.

        Ba Zi 1 ©
        Ba Zi 1 is an in-depth course into the characteristics of 5 elements and how to recognize special and ordinary forms of charts. This course enhances a student’s skill in selecting supporting elements using timing, territory, power and form rules. The principles of a weak, strong or special horoscope are explained and how the chart interacts with the Big Fate. You will also earn about the 10 Sap San (10 Fairies) which are the individual characters within every horoscope. These could be your parents, brothers, sisters or friends, the partner and children. These sap San help you to understand why certain aspects are more or less dominant in any horoscope’s life.

        To attend Ba Zi 1 you need to be a Chue Graduate or have attended Pure Ba Zi (or completed Section A of Module C).
        Duration: 5 days
        Taught by Certified Ba Zi 1 Teachers

        Ba Zi Southern Hemisphere ©
        Master Class
        Grand Master Chan has been researching the difference between Northern and Southern Hemisphere horoscopes and is the only person to have published a Southern Hemisphere Calendar to aid students to produce Ba Zi charts for the Southern Hemisphere. His research found that calculating horoscopes the usual “Northern way” does not work for Southern Hemisphere horoscopes, as the form of the seasonal chi is different. Hence, the four pillars differ. Some special forms of horoscopes are also different in the Southern hemisphere. During this course the student will learn how to produce a Southern Hemisphere chart and how to modify a chart once an individual moves to the opposite hemisphere. The course is full of examples.

        To attend Ba Zi Southern Hemispheres you need to have a Certificate of Attendance from Ba Zi 1.

        Duration: 5 days
        Taught by Grand Master Chan and certified Teachers in Ba Zi 1 with Southern Hemisphere

        Ba Zi 2 ©
        This 5-day course goes deeper into the Sap San (10 Fairies) which were introduced in Ba Zi 1. Drawn from Grand Master Chan`s own experience and research, this course brings many of his examples, giving more detailed information relating to prioritizing the elements within a chart so to bring more balance to a person’s life through the choice of supportive elements. The San Sat Stars are introduced. They are a group of good and bad stars that can sit within a chart. They are discussed at great length in this course as the pillar they are with, adds individual characteristics to the chart.

        To attend Ba Zi 2 you need a Certificate of Attendance from Ba Zi 1
        Duration: 5 days
        Taught by Certified teachers in Ba Zi 2

        Ba Zi 3 ©
        Goes even deeper into the Ba Zi interpretations of the Four Pillars with the Destiny Pillars. We look into the health and strength of the supporting elements. Other topics: more information on the special and ordinary forms, the personality, Ba Zi and your health, how to stop sick energy from spreading, understanding the effects of each fate pillar in relation to the ba zi chart and much more. There are many different examples for the student to understand how to give interpretations on charts when including the San Sats, Sap Sans, different forms of chart and specific supporting elements.

        To attend Ba Zi 3 you need a Certificate of Attendance from Ba Zi 2
        Duration: 5 days
        Taught by Ba Zi 3 certified teachers

        Ba Zi 4 ©
        Master Class
        This knowledge is from a very old and secret method, which my have never been written down or taught by any other Master. The information mainly came from the teachings of Grand Master Chue Yen. The student will be discovering how to apply the Moving Twelve Mansion Method according to the Life house. The Twelve Mansion Method is very accurate in giving more specific details on the individual’s behaviour and relationships. Every year the Life House Pillar transits which is linked to a yearly fate. This change reflects on the 12 Mansions which in turn adds to assessing yearly current affairs regarding relationships, career, marriage or wealth etc. for that period. The course also includes many other Sap San Stars that give a much deeper interpretation to a chart, the yearly prediction and the 12 Mansions.

        To attend Ba Zi 4 you need a Certificate of Attendance from Ba Zi 2. A Ba Zi 3 certificate is not required but it does help to understand the subject.
        Duration: 5 days
        Taught by Grand Master Chan

        Advanced Ba Zi 1 & 2©
        Master Class

        Advanced Ba Zi Part 1 concentrates on the 4 pillars of each horoscope, using the month leader & timing, power and territory, to assess the elemental balance of each Ba Zi. Grand Master Chan teaches how to assess the most beneficial Using Element and Main Source Element as well as pin pointing the main enemy of each chart.
        Advanced Ba Zi 2 focuses on examining the Big Fate. It looks deeper into the Big fate, to develop your understanding, interpretation and appreciation of the possibilities a fate can bring.

        Ba Zi 1 is needed to attend this course. Ba Zi 2 and 3 are recommended.

        Duration: 5 Days

        Personal Ba Zi ©
        Master Class

        Students are encouraged to bring along 2-3 examples of charts to be analysed in class by Grand Master Chan. This course gives students practical experience with real-life Ba Zi’s and allows the student to find practical solutions to helping balance an individuals chart once the Supportive Elements are found.
        Duration: 4 days

        Qigong 1 ©
        Grand Master Chan is sharing the secrets of our ancient Chue Style Qi Gong practice that comes from the Imperial courts and Great Great Great Grand Master Chan Hai Yee. Our method is called ‘Follow your Body’ Qi Gong. There are two main aspects – Movement, External or Yang Qi Gong, which relates to the exercises and Quiet, Internal or Yin Qi Gong, which relates to meditation practice. Grand Master Chan’s specialised and researched ‘Chue Style’ Qi Gong exercises help improve your all around health and strengthen your body, particularly focusing on improving your eyes, ears, nose and brain functions, as well as your internal organs. Your ability to ‘sense’ more quickly and accurately are also heightened.

        Qigong 1 is open to the Public
        Duration: 3 days

        Qigong 2©
        Qi Gong – part 2 is a continuation from Qi Gong – part 1. As returning students will have been practicing this Chue Style Qi Gong for some years, Grand Master Chan will assess each student’s practical Qi Gong competence of 1st Level. To start with, there are three levels. When you pass a level, one of the five element coloured belts is awarded: 1st Level – Earth Chi, External exercises – a Blue/Red belt is worn.
2nd Level – Human Chi, Massaging of Internal Organs – a Yellow belt is worn.
3rd Level – Heaven Chi, Spirit, Meditations – a Green belt will be worn at the beginning and a Gold belt is worn at the end of this level.
Students will also learn how to adjust their daily practice to follow different seasonal chi. 
Consistent, daily Qi Gong practice can release body blockages, stimulate the opening of your third eye and it can help you receive information and guidance from the heaven. You will be able to connect to other people, as well as properties when doing Feng Shui consultations. You will also look great and feel younger! Grand Master Chan would like to see individuals wearing loose black clothing and their coloured belt, according to their level of competence.
        Qigong 1 is required to attend this course
        Duration: 3 days