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Setting the Standards

Chue Style Feng Shui believes in the importance of establishing a regulated certification process. This guarantees the ongoing quality of standards within the practice and training of Feng Shui.

To be certified in any Chue Style discipline indicates that students have obtained a good level of knowledge and practical experience. This level of skill has been acknowledged and approved by Grand Master Chan.

Chue Style Feng Shui Practitioner Certification

The Chue Foundation has established a rigorous examination process to qualify practitioners to the highest standard in Feng Shui. The examinations are regulated by the Chue Foundation’s Examination Board and are set once a year.

Students may apply to sit this practical consultation examination offered by The Chue Foundation Examination Board after completing Module A, B and C of the Chue Style Feng Shui Practitioner Training Programme.

Having successfully passed the examination, the student will graduate as a Feng Shui Practitioner in Chue Style Feng Shui.   They can then become a member of the Chue Foundation. They can also attend a wide spectrum of graduate courses, developed by Grand Master Chan.

Master Certification

Following lineage tradition, only a Master may appoint his student the title of Master.   Grand Master Chan wishes to continue to pass on his wealth of knowledge to students, who follow his teachings to his exact standard, hence creating the Master Examinations in the following categories:

  1. Master of Chinese Horoscopes (CH)
  2. Master of Date Selection (DS)
  3. Master of General Feng Shui Consultations (GFSC)
  4. Master of City Planning (CP)
  5. Master of Yuen Hom Hexagrams (YHH)

The Golden Dragon (GD) is awarded for excellence

For a list of Master click here

Teacher Certification

To become a teacher in Chue Style Feng Shui, graduate practitioners must be practicing consultants, who continue with their professional development in pure Chue Style Feng Shui.   They will have undergone training for the specified course with either an accredited teacher or directly with Grand Master Chan. Only Grand Master Chan can award a teacher certification, once he is satisfied with their level of skill and adherence to the Code of Ethics.

Teacher certifications are accorded in the following categories:

  •  64 Hexagrams
  • 9 Fate
  • Ba Zi Chinese Horoscopes 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ba Zi Southern Hemisphere Chinese Horoscopes
  • Body Reading
  • Chinese Horoscopes for All
  • City Planning
  • Date Selection 1 & Advanced
  • Face Reading
  • I Ching 1, 2
  • I Ching Dice Prediction for All 1, 2
  • Mo Gik
  • Module A
  • Module B
  • Module C
  • Module C – Assistant Teacher/ part of C
  • Practical Consultations
  • Palm Reading
  • Qigong 1, 2
  • Spiritual Charms
  • Yuen Hom Hexagram 1, 2

Examination Agenda

Chue Style examinations will be taking place in the following locations:

  • Edinburgh October 2019

Please contact your school or the Examination Board if you wish to enlist.