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Module C

(Contributing to a positive living environment)

Minimum 24 days/168 hours – Certificate of Attendance – open to students who have completed Modules A & B.

 This vocational training course includes extensive theory along with on-site practical consultations. Many more advanced calculations are added to the already rich syllabus, so that the student can expand their understanding of the impacts of Feng Shui on any type of property, city or urban environment.

During Module C, the Chue Style methods that are taught help to differentiate the calibre of these Feng Shui practitioners and consultants.   They are presented in a comprehensive format to guide students in developing the skills needed to identify and resolve problems on a consultation.

Learning to be a Feng Shui consultant requires knowledge about the effects of time in space and understanding a person’s destiny. Hence the 10,000-year calendar is taught as a foundation for learning favourable date selection and Chinese Four Pillar Horoscopes (Ba Zi).   In Chue Style Feng Shui we use Chinese Calligraphy and Cantonese pronunciation for Feng Shui terminology in class. We also use our own Yuen Hom Chue style compass designed by Grand Master Chan.

This 24-day course is taught over 8 sessions of 3 days per session, which takes approximately 2 years. The Chue Style teachers are fully trained. There is also at least 3 hours home study a week for homework.

A brief outline of the course syllabus:

  • 10,000 Year Calendar; learn to read the calendar; open a date
  • Chinese Horoscopes Ba Zi–– Construct a 4 Pillar Chart
  • Twelve Palaces
  • Sam Hap Flying Star
  • Sam Hap Double Mountain – ‘Rescue the Poor’
  • 64 Yuen Hom Hexagrams
  • Lap Yang Elements
  • Missing Numbers
  • 72 dragons, 120 Fin Kam
  • Form School
  • 24 Imperial Heavenly Stars
  • Feng Shui Ruler
  • Chue Style Yuen Hom Compass
  • Feng Shui consultations: procedures, methods and conclusions
  • Placement for water
  • And much more…

Recommended material for class:

  • 10,000 year calendar
  • Yuen Hom Compass
  • Feng Shui Ruler

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