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Module B

(The pathway towards understanding)

Minimum 8 days/56 hours – Certificate of Attendance – open to Module A students

This intermediate level course offered through various formats comprises a minimum of 8 days/56 hours teaching. This course brings greater understanding to the application of form school techniques, whilst also introducing various calculation methods that offer more detailed analysis of properties. These methodologies with step-by-step guides help to correct any imbalances from external influences that could be affecting the occupant’s health, prosperity or career. 

Brief outline of contents

  • The 10 Heavenly Stems & 12 Earthly Branches
  • 60 Year Cycle
  • 24 Mountains
  • Form School
  • Understanding site and facing
  • Property Directions
  • The 9 Jiu Stars
  • Ba-Chop – Eight Mansion Style
  • Ba-Chop – Room by Room
  • Sam Yuen Flying Stars
  • Yuen Hom Flying Stars
  • Yearly Flying Stars
  • Grand Master Yung’s Nine Curses
  • Practical study
  • Guide to developing a consultation