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Module A

(The gateway to Chue Style Feng Shui learning)

Minimum 2 days/14 hours – Certificate of Attendance – open to all

This comprehensive 2-day foundation course in Feng Shui is open to all those who wish to learn more about the subject. Module A sets a clear and solid base that can be applied to any Chue Style course, regardless of whether the student has previous knowledge of Feng Shui or not. On completion of this course, the student will start to have a genuine understanding of this vast subject. Module A introduces important building blocks that clarify fundamental principles that are often misunderstood from the classical poems.   By the end of the 2 days, the student will know how to make some basic changes to bring about beneficial outcomes in their own home and office environment.

Subjects covered:

  • What is Feng Shui?
  • Understanding Chi
  • Different Schools
  • Introducing Chue Style
  • Yin and Yang
  • Heaven, Human, Earth
  • The Five Elements
  • Circulation of Chi
  • Sang Chi & Sat Chi
  • The Celestial Animals
  • The 8 Trigrams
  • The Early and Late Heaven Sequence
  • Lo- Shu numbers
  • Introduction to Flying Stars