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Practitioner Training

The Chue Foundation has been providing an accredited professional qualification of excellence since the late 1990’s. The Graduate Practitioner Training Programme has been carefully developed and designed for those students who wish to embrace a professional career as a Chue Style Feng Shui consultant.

Since the Chue Foundation’s inception, Feng Shui practitioners from all around the world have been verified and certificated through The Chue Foundation.

Our vocational training programme requires the completion of a series of modules; A, B & C that are offered over a minimum of 34 classroom days /238 hours spread over approximately 3 years in theory and practical Chue Style Feng Shui. Each module is designed to take students to the next level of understanding. They learn how to apply this knowledge to professional, practical consultations using Feng Shui, Date Selection and Chinese Horoscopes (Ba Zi). The student is encouraged to think at a deeper level about how to use viable solutions that help improve our modern living environment and surroundings.

The education process covers ‘Form School’ and ‘Compass School’ with its many observations, methods and calculations from traditional and classical Feng Shui. We place special emphasis on Chue Style’s own speciality, ‘Yuen Hom Imperial Hexagram Feng Shui’. This powerful method is drawn from Grand Master Chan`s interpretations of the classical Tsin Lon Ou Yu poems that are from his direct lineage. Classes are supported by informative manuals detailing course notes.

On completion of Modules, A, B & C of the Practitioner Training Programme the student can opt to sit the annual Chue Style Practitioner Examination.   Upon successful certification as a Graduate Practitioner in Chue Style Feng Shui, students are offered the choice of becoming members of the Chue Foundation. Graduates are also able to attend Grand Master Chan’s Master Classes and Chue Style graduate advanced and specialised courses.

For more information on each Module;

Module A – Foundation Course in Chue Style Feng Shui (click for information)

Module B – Intermediate Course in Chue Style Feng Shui (Click for information)

Module C – Practitioner Training Course in Chue Style Feng Shui (Click for information)