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Feng Shui Hints & Tips


  • Always keep doors and corridors in homes and offices clear from clutter.
  • Fresh cut flowers or live plants stimulate energy in homes or workspaces. Avoid dried or plastic flowers or twigs as decoration. Avoid displaying dying plants or flowers, as these damage energy.
  • Never put mirror directly opposite the front door unless specifically advised by an expert. Mirrors opposite each other always cause conflict.
  • Avoid built-in cupboards or shelves above your bed. Avoid situating a bed under beams or sleeping with mirrors reflecting you.
  • Avoid televisions and computers in a bedroom, as these are detrimental to a good night’s sleep.
  • Sit with your back to a solid wall and face into the room when you are sitting at a desk in your home or office. Keep the area in front of the desk clear, as this is your future. Facing a wall means that your future is blocked.


  • Doors should be hinged so that the whole room can be seen as you enter the room, allowing the energy to flow in freely.
  • At your desk, sit with your back to a solid wall or place a solid screen behind you or use filing cabinets to partition off areas allowing the view from your desk to be clear.
  • The most senior person should generally sit diagonally opposite the door.
  • Photocopiers and filing cabinets should not block walkways.
  • Add live potted plants with large round leaves to your office to absorb radiation from computers and electrical equipment.
  • Avoid vertical blinds on windows.
  • Paperwork should never be stored on the floor.
  • Keep the office clear of clutter.