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Chue Foundation Code of Ethics

The Chue Foundation is an international organisation, governed by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. Members have all passed a graduation exam, which proves them eligible to practice as Chue Style Feng Shui consultants.

Being a multi-national and multi-cultural organisation, the Management Team provides an accessible contact point and infrastructure for the membership.



Students and practitioners of Chue Style Imperial Feng Shui and all underlying teachings are expected to acknowledge that the teachings are very powerful. Ignorance of the correct applications could cause harm.

Members should promote and conduct their professional services in a truthful and responsible manner, and should not attempt to misappropriate the professional work of other members or the work of practitioners of other styles of Feng Shui.

Any complaints concerning professional work or conduct shall be handled courteously, sympathetically and in a timely manner.

Upon choosing to become a member, intent to act in the best interest of the Foundation and its membership is understood. Members are expected to actively and positively promote the standards set out in this Code, and not to knowingly bring the Foundation or any of its members into disrepute through any word, deed or neglect.

Members who are practitioners are expected to undertake continuing professional development (CPD), to ensure that their competence does not fall below professional standards. Should their standard of work need to be investigated, a lack of evidence of CPD is one factor to be taken into consideration.

All undertakings within the Foundation are carried out by volunteers who give their time and expertise freely. To avoid the work becoming an onerous burden, members are expected to be mindful of this and to offer help and guidance where possible. Members should not make undue demands on Officers.


Responsibility to the Grand Master and fellow members

Members shall respect the right of the Grand Master to pass specific knowledge only to those he considers fit. Members must not divulge knowledge from any basic or advanced teachings to others.

Members should not inflate their professional qualifications and expertise by using misleading, exaggerated or untruthful statements in any promotion.

Whatever privately expressed opinion a member holds of the work of other Feng Shui practitioners, members or not, they shall never openly defame another practitioner, school or tradition.

Responsibility to clients and students

Members shall act with integrity and avoid any action or situation, which is inconsistent with their professional obligations.

Members shall accept professional work only within their own known limits. If a member feels unable or uncomfortable carrying out professional work for a client, the work shall be declined politely and professionally.

The confidentiality of a client shall be respected and no information shall be divulged to third parties without the prior agreement of the client.

Members shall clearly explain the terms to which a consultation, teaching or other work is being offered, before the client or student incurs any financial liability.

If members wish to include a colleague or student on a consultation, the client shall be given the opportunity to give or withhold agreement prior to the consultation.


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